The School offers Higher Secondary Course with Science Arts & Commerce streams affiliated by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education and vocationalcourses affiliated by West Bengal State Council of Vocational Educallon and Training.

General Course
Compulsory (I) Bengali (Group A) i.e. BNGA. (II) English (Group B) i.e, ENGB.
Compulsory & Optional Elective A Student will be offered three compulsory Elective Subjects and one Optional Elective Subject and for this purpose may choice of four subjecls from the subjects as mentioned in different streams.
Science Stream (i) Physics (PHYS), (il) Chemistry (CHEM), (iii) Mathematics (MATH) (iv) Biological Science (BIOS), (v) Modern Computer Science (COMS)
Arts Stream (i) Political Science (POLS) / Sociology (SOCG) (ii) Education (EDCN) (iii) History (HIST) (iv) Geography (GEGA) (v) Sanskrit (SNSK) (VI) Modern Computer Application (COMA).
Commerce Stream (i) Accountancy (ACCT) (ii) Business Organisation and Management (BOAM) (iii) Business Economics including Business Mathematics (BEBM) (iv) Geography (GEGR) (v)Modern Computer Science (COMS) / Modern Computer Application (COMA).

Vocational Course
Discipline Computer Assembly and maintenance (CAAM)