Hostel Rules

  • The sludenls coming from far distance have to reside in the hostels organized by the school authority after having been admitted in the school.
  • Each hosteller will be supplied with a bedstead only. Hostellers must bring their own bedding, trunk / suitcase and utensils for tiffin & meal.
  • The allotment of rooms & seats will be made by the school authority. Seats must not be changed or furniture removed or changed without permission of the Sector-In-Charge.
  • Mobile Phone, Camera, Musical Instruments and valuable ornaments will no means be allowed in hostels.
  • Sobre Dresses are always desirable in hostels.
  • The hostellers must have to pay the fixed hostel dues per month by the 1st week of that month.
  • Compaint against the kitchen or hostel staff should be made to the Superintendent and in no case they are to be dealt by the students themselves.
  • No special diet to be arranged, unless prescribed by the doctor in consultation with the Superintendent.
  • Eating is allowed only in the dining hall No meal will be served or brought into the rooms expect when one is bedridden.
  • The time of meal will be communicated by the ringing of bells. All boarders must come in time. Meals cannot be provided to the late comers.
  • Nobody can claim to stay in the hostel as a matter of right after the end of the session i.e. July, 2015 to March,2017. Permission to any CC or dropped sludent to stay in the hostel after the session, will be given entirely at the discretion of the School authority.
  • The inmates of the room are collectively held responsible for all fittings and furniture in their respective rooms. Any damage other than wear and tear will be chargeable to inmates collectively.
  • No vendors or salesman are allowed to enter the hostel.

Disciplinary Action Regarding Violation of Rules

Violation of the above rules will be taken serious notice of and will result In disciplinary measures upto, and not excluding, expulsion from the hostel and school.